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  • Was Michael Scott right? Can Your Strengths really be Your Weaknesses?

    2010 - 02.04

    As a staff this week, we watched a video by Marcus Buckingham called “The Truth About You.”  This video is the cross between self-help/motivational speaker/Rob Bell’s “Nooma” videos.  I didn’t want to like it, because I usually don’t like motivational speaker-type things.  But this one has been completely different.  Very insightful, very powerful.  It makes me want to change.

    It’s all about moving your life towards your strengths and away from your weaknesses.  When we do that, we enjoy our lives more, we’re more productive, and the people around us win.

    He corrects some of the ways we think.  For example, we often think that strengths are the things we succeed in, and weaknesses are the opposite.  Well, what do you call the things that you are really good at, but hate?  Andre Agassi just came out with a new book in which he revealed that he hates tennis.  He always has.  What!? He’s one of the best tennis players ever…and he hates tennis?!  Marcus defines strengths and weaknesses in simpler ways.

    Strengths:  Things that make you feel strong, energized, accomplished, fulfilled.

    Weaknesses:  Things that make you feel weaker, drained, frustrated.

    He says we should build our jobs and lives to suit our natural strengths.  Move closer and closer towards our strengths.  In others words…know what your strengths are and work hard at making most of your day spent on the things that you are strong in.  Simple, huh?  Well, what do you do with that information?

    I say, go here and maybe buy his book/Video.  (I won’t get any money for this…it’s just good.)  Or, contact me and I can tell you more. :)

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